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Our team of admissions specialists guide you through the process. We determine individual needs and evaluate treatment options.


The Arista Recovery admissions process, led by our team of admissions specialists, is efficient and effective. We ensure clients and their families understand the entire rehabilitation process.

We realize the admissions process can be an anxiety-ridden situation, especially if a client is not familiar with addiction treatment. Not long ago, many of our staff members were clients themselves, so we understand the anxiety involved.

Congratulations on getting here. Every step is another shot at success. Now, let’s get you even closer to a new you.

We encourage potential clients to talk to graduates of our programs. They are the perfect people to explain the Arista Recovery advantage, which places all people on equal footing.

Starting the admissions process can be an anxiety-ridden process, especially if one is not familiar with addiction treatment. Seeking out a reputable treatment center, like Arista Recovery, is the first step.

There are many centers, facilities, and organizations that claim to have the credentials needed to treat those with substance use disorder, but don’t. Be sure to research, read reviews, and compare.

Once an individual decides upon a treatment center, such as Arista Recovery, and is ready to begin the journey toward freedom, they should give the center a call and start the pre-admissions process.

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    Treatment Plan

    Once officially admitted, one of the first huge steps toward recovery is to develop a treatment plan with the team. A treatment plan is the focus of a patient’s time in treatment.

    An effective treatment plan includes:

    • The diagnostic summary is based on medical history, assessments, reports, etc.
    • Areas of need the patient would like to target during their time in treatment.
    • Identify risk factors and barriers to treatment.
    • SMART goals and objectives


    • Specific interventions such as support groups, weekly therapy, etc.
    • A way to track and evaluate progress (data)
    • Identify risk factors for relapsing/aftercare planning

    The treatment plan is worked on throughout a patient’s time in the addiction center and even back out into the world during aftercare. Things within the plan can change based on individual needs.

    If you’re interested in receiving a substance abuse evaluation near you, Arista Recovery is the center to contact.

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