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How Long Is Drug Rehab?

Addiction treatment can last various amounts of time, depending mainly on the severity of the addiction. Rehab programs typically offer multiple different treatment options, so that everyone who is seeking treatment will be able to work it into their lives. The three main lengths of treatment are 30 day programs, 60 day programs, and 90 day programs. The length of rehab is up to the individual unless they are placed there by necessity, such as a court order.

The Benefits Of 30-Day Treatment

30 day treatment is a good option for those who are just entering the recovery process and can’t afford to take an extended period of time off. In a 30-day rehab program, you will have time to go through detox to get the drugs out of your system before beginning therapy for drug addiction. During your treatment program, you will undergo intensive daily therapy and support groups that help find the underlying cause of your addiction.

After your time at a treatment center, you will also be set up for long term recovery with aftercare planning that can find you a sober living program. You will also be connected to outside therapists and psychiatrists to continue your treatment outside of the addiction center.

The Benefits Of 60-Day Treatment

A 60 day treatment program is a more intensive option that is good for people dealing with severe substance use disorder. In this treatment plan, you will be able to go through detox and therapy with enough time to get over the worst of your withdrawal symptoms. This plan also gives you enough time for family therapy as well, so your loved ones can receive more understanding about the causes and effects of addiction.

With longer treatment programs, your insurance may not cover the full cost, but many treatment centers offer payment plans to help you access affordable care.

The Benefits Of 90-Day Treatment

90 day treatment may feel like a tedious undertaking, but for severe substance use disorder, it will provide greater benefits in the long run. You will have more time to recover from withdrawal symptoms, which will provide you the opportunity to be fully present in therapy sessions. You will also be able to go through multiple types of therapy, as most rehab centers offer a variety of options, including art therapy and sand tray therapy, along with individual and group therapy.

With a 90 day program, you will have the chance to see which methods of therapy work best for you and learn how to tailor your treatment to achieve long term recovery.

What Happens During Drug Rehab

For both inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment programs, you’ll begin the rehab process with a medical detox. This will help you through withdrawal, as you’ll have licensed professionals there to treat your symptoms and provide you with medications that ease the process.

After detoxing, you will enter the recovery program in which you undergo multiple types of therapy to assess your reasons behind the addiction and help you overcome any triggers that push you towards substance abuse. This works to sustain long term recovery, as you learn healthier coping methods and distress tolerance.

After completing your treatment program, whether it is an inpatient program or outpatient program, you will work with the staff to find your next steps. For some, this can be a sober living program or finding an AA group. The most important thing is to connect you to outside therapists and psychiatrists so you can continue learning the tools to sustain long term recovery.

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