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First Responders

America’s first responders spend so much time protecting and serving. And now it’s time for us to service them with the same courage, respect, and sense of duty that they have dedicated to their careers and communities.

First responders — paramedics, firefighters, and police officers — are our nation’s real-life superheroes. They respond immediately to accidents, natural disasters, and terrorism. They’re often the first on the scene, but the last ones to heal from physical, mental and emotional trauma caused by their heroics.

This selflessness can breed to a lack of self care, or an unequal balance of career and life, difficult moments that some may turn to substances to cope with  post-traumatic stress disorder and other work-related issues.

Most symptoms of PTSD, triggered by disturbing or life-threatening events, appear in first responders within weeks of witnessing or experiencing traumatic incidents. However, some conditions remain dormant for years.

Most first responders operate in U.S. cities and towns, unlike active duty personnel, who often are deployed thousands of miles away from U.S. soil. While it is a blessing to service communities and continue to be surrounded by loved ones on a daily basis, it’s also an additional challenge, as they are tasked with navigating two very distinct worlds every week. Every day.

Today’s first responders, especially police officers, have an added pressure of trying to prove a few bad apples don’t represent a brotherhood of blue. That added pressure compounds an already challenging job where substance use and alcohol use can often seem like the solution.

To combat this, we created an environment for transformation. Led by our trusted, knowledgeable friendly medical professionals, Arista Recovery is equipped to facilitate treatment and recovery which is comprehensive, unique, and confidential.

Straightforward, loving, and honest.

Privacy is a top priority. Our clients that are first responders are treated with a more restrictive level of care. If you choose to include peers in treatment plans, we are ready to advocate on your behalf with your union, department or employee assistance program.

We realize the difficulty of accepting help. First responders are so accustomed to being the helpers, establishing control in a crisis. That’s why it’s important to utilize specially-trained medical professionals that are ready to show compassion, empathy, strength and integrity.

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