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Why Arista?

Arista Recovery is a trusted addiction treatment provider. We strive to be a leader in the substance use field. With the mindset that traditional therapy needs to be deconstructed, our
team is paving a path for better outcomes. We both want the best for your patient. Our collaborative approach and simple admissions process contribute to successful recovery.

And Admissions

Once you refer your patient, we will begin the admissions process. Your designated Arista staff will gather all necessary information. We provide a free and confidential verification of benefits and complete preassessment to help determine ASAM criteria level of care. Lastly, we will coordinate any transportation logistics for safe arrival at one of our facilities to begin your patient’s recovery journey. The established relationship you have with your patient will build the foundation of trust.

Release Of Information

To stay informed throughout your patient’s process, receive regular updates on treatment, and plan for aftercare, we will ask your patient to sign a release form. This is so you can be contacted and receive ongoing information throughout treatment about your patient’s progress.

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meet our Business
development team

Gina Hacker

director of business Development

Gina is our Director of Business Development for both inpatient and outpatient Arista Recovery locations. She has over 20 years of experience in leadership roles and her passion for behavioral healthcare shows in her work. Gina leverages her client service, marketing, business development, and personal recovery experience in service of Arista Recovery’s mission.

Brittany Johnsson

Community Outreach Associate

Brittany is our Community Outreach Associate. With over 12 years in the helping field Brittany has worked with individuals dealing with chronic mental illness, addiction, and other co-occurring disorders. She has extensive experience in case management, outreach, discharge planning, facilitating groups and ER diversion programs. Brittany brings her passion and experience into her role at Arista Recovery to help serve our clients.