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If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, there are many treatment options available at Arista Recovery. This is important because addiction recovery can be a long, emotional journey.

Our addiction treatment center in the state of Kansas addresses the root issues of substance use and alcohol use head-on. Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease that requires long-term support. Addressing addiction should be approached with the same vigilance and tenacity as other life-threatening diseases like cancer or heart problems. It’s just as serious; it’s just as life-altering.


is a phone call away. 877-279-0050

is a phone call away.

Nearly 20 million Americans battled substance use in 2017, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Plus, nearly three out of four adults during that time period also struggled with alcohol use.

That’s why we constructed a facility in the Midwest; our way of tackling issues that break up families.

Arista Recovery is located at 104 S Brayman Paola, KS. Representatives are available 24/7 to take your call and begin your road to recovery, or strategize how to help a loved one.

Addiction does not discriminate — from age, race, gender to socioeconomic status and political affiliation; anyone can fall victim to this deadly illness. Addiction takes root when an individual uses substances for coping purposes rather than dealing with emotional pain from past traumas and present difficulties. People who are addicted seek out substances through experimentation; sometimes they develop habits over time after using substances to deal with the stress of daily life such as relationships and work issues. Still, just because someone may struggle with substance use doesn’t mean they experienced a horrific life event.

Addiction is a complex disease with many different factors playing into it, including genetics and environmental influences.


When an individual decides they’re ready for recovery from substance abuse, the first step involves detoxification. The goal of this process is to rid the body of all traces of substances which alter behavior and impact physical health. The goal is also to accomplish this without causing severe withdrawal symptoms that could lead to relapse. That’s why it’s important to only participate in detox with a trained professional, such as team members as Arista Recovery. This includes tapering down doses slowly until there’s no more need for medication.

Addiction treatment at our addiction recovery center in Kansas offers professional assistance so clients have a safe and comfortable environment. We ensure it’s a manageable process with medications that ease the transition from addiction to sobriety by decreasing or eliminating withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings for drugs. Addiction treatment centers will also provide education about substance use before someone leaves the facility so clients understand why they’re going through this phase and what needs to be done to stay clean after leaving rehab.


Once an individual is no longer under the influence of addiction, therapy comes into play. Our addiction recovery center in Kansas provides many forms of therapeutic care including group counseling, family sessions, one-on-one clinical work, and alternative therapies like yoga, horticulture. While each person’s recovery journey is unique, the process of therapy will involve working through issues that may have led to substance abuse.

Arista Recovery is equipped with licensed therapists who can help clients work toward understanding what coping mechanisms they’ve used throughout their lives, as well as helping them find healthier ways to manage stressors so relapse doesn’t occur after rehab. Our many strategies are designed to encourage positive change for recovering addicts including assertive outreach , family interventions, and mutual support groups.

Our team of medical professionals also provide clients with the knowledge necessary to succeed once they’re out on their own — after rehab . Addiction recovery is about staying clean one day at a time, but that doesn’t mean living each moment as if there was no tomorrow. It means approaching the future with renewed hope, excitement and motivation, all qualities essential to success outside the safe confines of recovery.

Addiction treatment centers provide education about finding employment or training for relevant professions; information on how to manage stressors without resorting to alcohol or drug use; communication strategies; family counseling sessions so loved ones have an understanding of what recovering addicts are experiencing; and relapse prevention strategies. Our facility also provides resources such as sober housing, family counseling, and transitional living arrangements.

There’s no doubt addiction is complicated. But it doesn’t have to be unmanageable. There are many ways of getting help with addiction. Addiction recovery takes time. It’s not something that happens overnight. But there is hope once you’re ready.

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