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Substance Use in Lenexa

Drug abuse has become a national epidemic in recent years. With easier access to prescription pills, opioid use is on the rise across the United States. In the most recent NSDUH Survey, 6.71 percent of Kansas residents reported using illicit drugs in the past month. Commonly abused drugs in Kansas include cocaine, amphetamines, and prescription drugs.

Smaller suburbs outside of Kansas City, such as Lenexa, are affected by the substance issues, as drugs come in from the larger cities. If you are in the Lenexa area and are struggling with substance abuse, there are substance abuse treatment centers available to help. Recovery is possible with the proper substance abuse treatment program.

Midwest recovery centers are available to combat the substance abuse problem facing the region. A combination of first-class facilities, holistic approaches, clinical assessments, and innovative individual and group counseling sessions address the core issues that lead to addiction. Arista Recovery is an alcohol and drug treatment center committed to helping individuals and families in the Lenexa area combat and overcome alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and co-occurring mental health disorders. Understand the treatment options available to you and learn about payment assistance options.


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Alcohol & Drug Detox and Withdrawal

The struggle with addiction to substances and finding help with your addiction in Lenexa may seem like a difficult process. You may wonder what is the first step to recovery. The first step is deciding to get help. Rehabilitation centers in Kansas are available to help with recovery. Rehabilitation begins with detoxification. You must first rid your body of the addictive substance.

Detoxification is the process of allowing your body to rid itself of drugs and other toxic substances in your body. Medical detox is recommended for those with substance addiction issues. Medical detox is performed under the care of addiction treatment practitioners to monitor withdrawal symptoms and alleviate any discomfort that comes with detox. Withdrawal symptoms vary from patient to patient and are dependent on the substance of addiction and the amount of time the substance was used. Withdrawal symptoms can last from a few days to several weeks. It is advised that patients withdraw under medical supervision.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) programs are available to impede severe withdrawal symptoms. MAT is one of several treatment services available. Depending on the substance, medication-assisted treatment options are available to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Find a drug rehab center near you that offers medication-assisted treatment for substance addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatment Services in Lenexa

There are several different treatment programs available to Lenexa residents. From intensive inpatient facilities to outpatient programs, rehabilitation facilities and treatment programs in the surrounding areas are available to meet your needs, provide the appropriate level of care, and get you on the road to recovery. Treatment services include inpatient care, intensive outpatient programs, family programs, and substance abuse treatment in correlation with co-occurring disorders.

Substance abuse can be treated in various ways. At Arista Recovery, we look at each patient and their family and medical histories to determine the appropriate treatment plan. Each treatment plan is individualized and tailored to each patient and their specific needs.

Arista Recovery – Addiction Treatment Center

Arista Recovery identified a serious need for alcohol and drug treatment in Lenexa, Kansas, and the surrounding areas. We strive to reduce the substance abuse problem in Lenexa and help residents overcome addiction with our treatment programs.

Our Midwest rehab center is a safe space for those seeking sobriety. Our 38-acre detox and residential drug rehab center just outside of Kansas City offers a variety of services for those struggling with addiction. These services include detox, intensive outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and more. Arista’s outpatient rehabilitation center is located in Overland Park, just a 10-minute drive from Lenexa.

If you or a loved one in the Lenexa area are struggling with substance abuse or addiction, Arista Recovery can help. We offer individualized treatment plans for our patients to begin the journey to recovery, and we teach skills that will help our clients maintain sobriety. Arista provides several different addiction treatment plans with alcohol and drug rehab centers convenient to Lenexa. Find an alcohol and drug rehab program today and begin the first step to recovery.

Inpatient Rehab Treatment Center

Arista Recovery’s inpatient residential treatment facility, located in Paola, Kansas is a little over 30 minutes outside of Lenexa. Our inpatient rehab center provides medical care and therapy support 24/7 for patients who need more intensive addiction treatment and alcohol or drug rehabilitation plan. While participating in our inpatient rehab program, our medical professionals are able to care for and monitor clients during the intense detox process and offer support throughout recovery. We provide a multitude of services, treatment programs, and therapy sessions that are conducive to recovery. Arista Recovery is dedicated to relapse prevention and provides patients with the tools to help maintain sobriety.

Arista Recovery’s Synergistic Recovery Treatment Program is an innovative approach to substance abuse treatment. Synergistic Recovery applies a client-centered, strengths-based approach to addiction recovery as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. In conjunction with other traditional forms of therapy such as CBT or DBT, Synergistic Recovery gets patients moving and promotes healing from within.

Arista’s inpatient facility provides individualized treatment programs. We look at the patient’s medical and family history in its entirety to form a drug treatment plan tailored to each individual’s needs. Each person is different, and here at Arista Recovery, we believe that each treatment plan should be different to effectively treat substance abuse.

Outpatient Rehab Treatment Center

Arista Recovery offers outpatient rehab treatment for those who may not be able to attend inpatient care, or who have completed inpatient rehab and want to continue recovery in an outpatient setting. Outpatient treatment programs for drug and alcohol rehabilitation provide flexible schedules and treatment options, as well as support groups, for those looking for continued support on the journey to recovery. Outpatient rehab treatment is less intensive than inpatient and may be a good option for those with less severe substance use issues.

Located in Overland Park, Kansas, Arista’s outpatient treatment facility is convenient and accessible for Lenexa residents. The facility is focused on using different forms of therapy including CBT, DBT, group therapy, family therapy, and trauma therapy together to form an entire treatment program. For our outpatient facility, we offer Partial Hospitalization Program, Intensive Outpatient Program, Outpatient Program, and Medication Assisted Treatment Options. Our outpatient clients attend counseling and treatment sessions multiple times during the week. We also work with clients to develop a strong aftercare plan once treatment has ended in an effort to maintain sobriety.

Types of Addiction Therapy

Addiction therapy is designed to treat not only addiction but also mental health disorders and behavioral health. In addiction treatment, mental health disorders are referred to as co-occurring disorders. It is not uncommon for individuals recovering from substance abuse to have co-occurring disorders and receive a dual diagnosis If a patient receives a dual diagnosis, therapy and the treatment plans will address and care for both the substance addiction and the co-occurring disorder.

There are several treatment approaches to addiction therapy. Patients in treatment may go through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT) to manage their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Group and individual counseling sessions are also effective forms of talk therapy to treat addiction and mental health disorders. Family therapy sessions are also available to focus on repairing relationships damaged from addiction.

In addition to the traditional therapies listed above, Arista offers some non-conventional types of therapy that are conducive to recovery. These programs include yoga, art therapy, psychodrama therapy, horticulture therapy, and equine therapy. These programs combined with traditional forms of therapy allow patients to recover in a holistic way, healing the mind, body, and soul.

Paying for Rehab

Arista Recovery aims to provide an affordable treatment program for those seeking sobriety. We offer several payment options and payment plans for those admitted. We accept most private health insurance plans and offer payment assistance for those who are not insured or fully covered. Payment assistance plans are available to help pay for drug and alcohol rehab for those using self payment options.

Arista Recovery is a treatment provider that works with private health insurance plans and provides payment plans on a sliding fee scale, so you don’t have to worry about paying all upfront. We will check with your private health insurance plan to see if your benefits will cover the entire cost of treatment or just a portion. Many insurance plans do cover the full cost of addiction treatment programs.

Many addiction centers also accept government insurance plans, such as Medicaid or military insurance. Our admissions specialists are available 24/7 to verify your benefits. This is always free and confidential. Contact us today to see your payment options!

Get in Touch

If you find yourself on Google searching “drug rehab Lenexa KS”, you may be overwhelmed with information. Arista Recovery is here to help. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction or looking for a treatment program for help, please contact us for more information on how to get started. Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will also verify your insurance benefits to let you know what is covered. Take the first step to recovery today.


Overview of Lenexa, Kansas

On the Kansas-Missouri border and on the Kansas River, Lenexa is located just outside of the Kansas City metro area. With a population of 56,156 and the 9th most populated city in Kansas, Lenexa is a small suburb of Kansas City. Lenexa is a family-friendly city with plenty of parks.

Lenexa, like many cities across the United States, has faced a substance abuse addiction problem. Rehab centers are available in the surrounding areas to help combat the substance abuse issues in Lenexa. Arista Recovery serves patients in the Lenexa and greater Kansas City areas. Find a treatment program today.

Our team members are available 24/7 at (913) 914-9008.