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Arista Recovery’s Philosophy

We specialize in a holistic approach that takes our clients far from the traditional group therapy room with white walls and a chalkboard. Our evidence-based, science-driven approach enables our clients to experience a mind-body connection by deconstructing traditional therapy.

We believe recovery is not a solo experience, but that it’s rooted in connection. Everything we do at Arista, we do as a team. Our Synergistic Recovery Philosophy Innovative treatment program applies a client-centered, strengths-based approach to addiction recovery and other mental health issues. The program draws on principles of neuroscience, exercise science, and psychology to support the recovery process and uses a team-based community approach to enhance outcomes.

We treat clients, not conditions. Our focus is on treating and healing the person as a whole and not just their addiction. We strongly believe that the combination of our first-class facilities, holistic approaches, medical and clinical assessments, and innovative individual and group therapy sessions addresses the core issues that led to challenging times.

After all, new pathways begin with new experiences.

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