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Addiction Resources

Arista Recovery is committed to helping clients maintain sobriety. We offer several resources to help through recovery and beyond.

Addiction does not discriminate, so we don’t either. While substance use can affect anyone at any moment in their life, some of us are at an increased risk due to biological and environmental factors.

There are specific groups of people who are more prone to substance use. Sometimes, addiction hits some people harder than others. Some people are not fully seen and heard in society, as clinics provide unequal care.

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Resources For Families

The common saying nature versus nurture is entirely true when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction. However, in these cases, both nature and nurture play a role in addiction.

There are dynamic interactions between genes and people’s environment throughout their lives that affect various health outcomes— drug use is one of those outcomes.

Genetics aside, if a child grows up in a household with adults who are substance abusers, they will likely be negatively impacted in regards to their development. They will also more than likely experience Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which are known to affect individuals for a lifetime if no intervention takes place.

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    Children who live in a family surrounded by alcohol and drug abuse have a higher probability of experimenting with substances at a young age and continuing the cycle of addiction.

    Consequential ways addiction can affect the family system are:

    • Stress between family members
    • Financial problems
    • Loss of trust
    • Negative impact on children and teens
    • Verbal, emotional, or physical abuse
    • Anger and resentment
    • Confusion and fear
    • Shame and embarrassment
    • Pressure from society or religious group

    Arista Recovery offers treatment programs for clients who have families to take care of as they struggle with addiction. Our resources help these clients mend important relationships, get back into the home, and spend quality time with family members.

    Resources For LGBTQ+ Individuals

    Individuals in the LGBTQ+ community often face challenges that other groups of people do not, such as social stigma and discrimination. For various reasons, LGBTQ+ communities suffer from substance abuse disorders at a higher rate than the overall U.S. population.

    It is important that all individuals seeking treatment feel safe and comfortable while doing so, as it can be an anxious time. Arista Recovery honors the identity of anyone who walks through our doors and understands the obstacles and challenges facing community members that identify as LGBTQ+. We are here to provide support and encouragement as each client’s recovery journey begins, and will be there throughout the process.

    Resources For Veterans and Active Military

    Active duty military and veterans have a higher risk of developing a substance abuse disorder. A high number of veterans who return home from serving our country endure post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Their symptoms include depression, anxiety, hopelessness, fear, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, flashbacks, memory problems, and more. To cope with trauma, many turn to substance use.

    Too often, these heroes return to their communities with life-long injuries. This also can lead to an addiction to prescription medications. Our team appreciates our servicemen for their duty and sacrifice, and look forward to joining them, step for step, on the road to recovery.

    Resources for First Responders

    Our society would not function without first responders. They put their lives on the line each and every day to protect citizens. Similar to veterans and soldiers on active duty, first responders such as EMTs, firefighters, and police officers often experience devastation, violence, and other traumatic events. Unfortunately, these experiences may lead to drug abuse and addiction.

    Within helping careers, there are oftentimes stigmas surrounding mental health, and issues are pushed under the table. Meanwhile, those helping others need help as well.

    Arista Recovery is here to help those who are constantly assisting others.

    No matter where you are in life or who you are, you deserve to be free from addiction.

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