An Introduction to Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization programs, or PHP, are a step down from inpatient treatment. However, if a user does not need inpatient treatment, PHP is an available first step to a journey to recovery at Arista Recovery.

When a client is admitted into a partial hospitalization program, they attend treatment at a drug rehab facility for the majority of the day, yet are able to go home in the evening. The following morning they return to the center.

Finding the right rehab treatment for your situation can be overwhelming when you see so many different levels of care, some of which have very similar names like “inpatient,” “intensive outpatient,” or “partial hospitalization.” A residential inpatient program could be a little too extreme for your situation, but a traditional outpatient program might not be enough. In these cases, you might consider Kansas City PHP addiction treatment.

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What Exactly is a Partial Day Program?

There are advantages to attending a partial hospitalization program in a facility such as Arista Recovery. It is highly important that clients choose a strong PHP to be the most successful. If clients enjoyed success at an inpatient program, that center will most likely have an exceptional PHP.

Kansas City PHP addiction treatment can be a “partial hospitalization program.” These are programs designed for people who need a substantial amount of addiction treatment but don’t want to stay overnight at the rehab facility. When you participate in this type of program, you go to a hospital or nearby facility for a few days for your detox. But once that’s over, you go home at night. During the day, you go to your Kansas City PHP drug rehab center for a full-time schedule of intensive, ongoing therapy.

Partial Hospitalization vs. Inpatient vs. Outpatient

Partial hospitalization treatment in Kansas City is somewhere in between inpatient and intensive outpatient programs in its intensity.

With an inpatient program, you would start with a detox at the rehab center. This is very similar to PHP, which requires that you complete detox first, however,  you have more freedom and flexibility in terms of where you complete your detox. This enables you to do a quick weekend detox at a local hospital and then start your therapy at a Kansas City PHP drug rehab center without disrupting your work schedule.

With inpatient plans, you live at your rehab center full time, wake up every day and attend a full schedule of treatments and therapy sessions. All your meals will be provided for you, you would have a room very likely shared with a roommate, and you wouldn’t be able to leave the facility. By comparison, PHP is shorter than inpatient but still gives you that full-time weekly therapy schedule.

Inpatient is best for: People who need full-time supervision, can’t function independently, or must be completely away from their current environment.

An intensive outpatient program is similar to Kansas City PHP addiction treatment in terms of the length of therapy sessions you attend. However, an intensive outpatient program doesn’t offer the same level of support as Kansas City PHP substance abuse treatment. For example, an intensive outpatient program might have you complete a part-time schedule of 15-25 hours per week, whereas a PHP center might have you participate in 25 or 30 hours per week.

Intensive Outpatient is best for: People who need to transition from residential treatment or PHP but still need a part-time therapy schedule.

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The Benefits of a PHP Program

Getting help in any form is a positive choice, but PHP drug treatment can be the best fit for some people’s circumstances.

  • Shortened Time-Frame: Many Kansas City PHP substance abuse treatment facilities offer treatments with a shortened time frame. Partial hospitalization programs have a similar level of intensity to inpatient programs, but don’t require a 3-month commitment. Instead, you can choose a shorter time frame that works better for you, attend therapy every day of the week for anywhere between four and eight hours, but still get home at the end of the night and be done with your program much sooner.
  • Affordability: Many people avoid getting the help they need because they worry about the cost of rehab. Thankfully, Federal law requires all insurance providers to cover basic mental health and substance abuse services, many of which are found in a partial hospitalization program. The shortened, more intense time frame means a partial hospitalization program is more affordable. Overall, a Kansas City PHP addiction treatment is more affordable than a residential program.
  • Independence: Many people are unable to get the treatment they need because they can’t afford to travel a long distance to get help, or they can’t live at a rehab facility for three months. Partial hospitalization programs are great alternatives in these situations. While it does have a more intense daily schedule in a shortened time frame, it gives you the freedom and independence to go home at the end of the night.

What to Expect at aPartial Day Program

During an average week of Kansas City PHP substance abuse treatment, you can expect the following:

  1. Participation in individual psychotherapy. The type of therapy you have is based on your circumstances. People who need treatment for substance abuse and underlying mental health disorders might have multiple weekly cognitive behavioral therapy sessions to learn coping skills and address negative thought patterns.
  2. Participation in group therapy. Our group therapy is very diverse. Under the umbrella of group therapy, you might integrate your family into our family program, where everyone can learn how to best support you during your recovery and improve communication. This is a great chance to repair any broken relationships resulting from substance abuse issues.
  3. Participation in holistic therapy. Having good brain function, memory, and emotional stability will help in every part of your recovery. That is why we incorporate a lot of holistic therapy into your individual and group program. Your Kansas City PHP addiction treatment might include horticultural therapy, where you are actively involved in gardening, and equine therapy, where you get to work with horses, yoga, hiking, and other off-site activities.

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Our Kansas City PHP drug rehab center is a peaceful, secluded location spanning 38 acres of beautiful landscape. The historic building might be old, but the amenities offered are certainly not.

When you participate in our partial hospitalization program, you can expect to start your treatment with detox.

  • Detox: What level of detox you require is based on your circumstances. We will work with you to find the best location for your detox. You might prefer someplace out of town or closer to home. During an initial assessment, we can recommend interventions like medication-assisted treatment, specifically for addictions to alcohol, opioids, or benzodiazepines.
  • Therapy: Once you complete detox, you can start the rest of your Kansas City PHP substance abuse treatment at our facility. Again, you can expect to reside at home and make your way to our location when you have therapy sessions. Arista is unique in that our therapy is not limited to traditional white rooms with chalkboards and bare walls. We emphasize a holistic, synergistic program that incorporates multiple elements of movement and mental health into your recovery.

From detox to aftercare addiction treatment in Kansas, Arista Recovery can help. Call Arista today to learn if PHP is the best fit for you.