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Arista Recovery is committed to ensuring that individuals impacted by substance use and co-occurring issues receive the best-in-class care.

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Our mission is to promote healing, inspire hope, and dignify receiving support for individuals and families impacted by substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. We provide a best-in-class integrated model of care to encompass the whole person with our holistic approach.

We are committed to ensuring that individuals and families impacted by substance use and co-occurring issues receive best-in-class care at Arista Recovery. Our team model approach is driven by science in a non-traditional vehicle thanks to our dedicated staff of like-minded professionals.

At Arista Recovery, we know the strength and courage it takes to begin the journey to recovery. We are dedicated to helping along each step of recovery. We strive to ensure that clients feel empowered, hopeful, and engaged during their journey to recovery with us. From our compassionate, dedicated team of professionals to our vast network of alumni and families that are always eager to support others on their path to recovery.

You’ve taken the first step, now let us take you further.

We specialize in a holistic approach that takes our clients far from the traditional group therapy room with white walls and a chalkboard. Our evidence-based, science-driven approach enables our clients to experience a mind-body connection by deconstructing traditional therapy.

We believe recovery is not a solo experience, but that it’s rooted in connection. Everything we do at Arista, we do as a team. Our Synergistic Recovery Philosophy Innovative treatment program applies a client-centered, strengths-based approach to addiction recovery and other mental health issues. The program draws on principles of neuroscience, exercise science, and psychology to support the recovery process and uses a team-based community approach to enhance outcomes.

We treat clients, not conditions. Our focus is on treating and healing the person as a whole and not just their addiction. We strongly believe that the combination of our first-class facilities, holistic approaches, medical and clinical assessments, and innovative individual and group therapy sessions addresses the core issues that led to challenging times.

After all, new pathways begin with new experiences.

Our Modern Kansas Facilities - Locations

Inpatient Treatment
901 E Miami St, Paola, Kansas, 66071
Outpatient Treatment
9401 Reeds Rd Suite 101,Overland Park, KS 66207

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Arista Recovery is here to help. We are committed to healing everyone who enters our doors from the inside out. No matter what stage our guests enter treatment, we strive to meet them right where they are.

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