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Are you struggling with drug and alcohol addiction? Do you feel that your addiction is a matter of...

Are you struggling with drug and alcohol addiction?

Do you feel that your addiction is a matter of life and death?

Have you tried to get sober in the past, but were unable to stay clean?

Addiction is a complex disease that ruins the lives of users and those they love. Finding the right treatment and support is critical in achieving lasting health and recovery. Arista Recovery is a Kansas City recovery center that features evidence-based programs and expert support that will help you restore your mind, body, and spirit. This article will outline our top-tier Kansas recovery center’s programs, services, and support. Let Arista Recovery help you overcome substance abuse once and for all.

Arista Recovery offers comprehensive treatment.

What Are the Levels of Care Offered at Our Kansas City Recovery Center?

At Arista Recovery, we understand that you have unique and specific needs regarding drug treatment. A “one size fits all” approach will not address your needs, and you will continue to get caught in the vicious cycle of addiction. Arista Recovery features multiple levels of care dependent on your immediate needs. Our medical detox services will help you wean off substances in a safe and supportive environment. Our detox treatment staff utilizes medication therapies and other interventions that allow you to become medically and mentally stable to enter treatment.

Our residential inpatient treatment program allows you to live within our state-of-the-art facility while you receive the intensive care and support you need. While in residential treatment, you will receive around-the-clock support and care from experienced treatment staff with proven experience working with addicts from all walks of life. If you cannot commit to significant time away from family and work, Arista Recovery offers quality outpatient treatment programs that may better fit your needs. Outpatient drug treatment allows you to receive the care you need while allowing you to live at home and uphold your work and family obligations.

From our low-risk traditional outpatient programs to our more intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, Arista Recovery will provide you with the tools and support you need to overcome addiction on your schedule. If you suffer from a mental disorder along with drug addiction, our Kansas City recovery center offers specialized dual diagnosis treatment that tackles both issues head-on. Additionally, we offer sober living and other aftercare programs to give you the additional support you need as you resume your normal life.

Arista Recovery Offers Evidence-Based Therapies to Help You Recover

Therapy is the backbone of every rehab program. Therapy helps clients uncover the root causes of addiction and gives them the tools they need to heal and grow. Arista Recovery offers a dynamic mix of traditional and experiential therapies that are personalized to meet your unique needs. Our Kansas recovery center offers proven therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) to help you identify the patterns of behavior that keep you stuck in addiction. When you discover those thoughts, experienced therapists will give you the tools to replace unhealthy patterns of thought with those beneficial to your recovery. Our Kansas City recovery center also offers exciting and emergent therapies such as equine therapy, horticulture therapy, and sand tray therapy that complement traditional talk therapies and give you the confidence and motivation to transform your life. Our therapy programs aim to help you better communicate with others, increase your social skills, and decrease your chance of relapse.

Arista Recovery is Committed to Treating Mental Health

Mental illness is a huge factor in the development of addiction. It is estimated that nearly 45 percent of addicts have an underlying mental health issue. If you experience mental health issues, Arista Recovery is here to help. We provide clients with unique evidence-based programs that treat the following mental health conditions:

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • PTSD and trauma disorders
  • Personality disorders

Arista Recovery believes that treating mental illness is the key to minimizing the chances of both the development of addiction as well as relapse.

Stop Your Addiction Today With Help from Arista Recovery

Today is the day that your struggles with addiction and mental illness stop. Arista Recovery’s Kansas City recovery center will give you the tools and support you need to stop the vicious cycle of abuse once and for all. Our personalized treatment programs and compassionate support will empower you to make transformative changes in your life. Start your journey right now and call Arista Recovery.

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